Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Best in the Business for Event Organization

Well, kinda an experiment but I just wanted to mention Guendalinalitta.com which is the very (basic) homepage for Guendalina Litta Modignani who has the reputation of being the bet event organizer in the business. She does weddings, parties, events, product launches, etc. Her level of imagination is unrivaled and the parties I've seen her do are simply amazing. I guess when you do parties for royalty, ceos, nobility, and top society in general, you gotta be the best!

If you got the dough, shes got the ideas...

Thursday, February 09, 2006


What the hell is going on??? Whats this whole cartoons in the Middle East thing actually about?

I've been hearing and talking about it so much with friends and colleagues that I'm kinda sick of it all, but I saw The Daily Show last night and I couldn't stop laughing... hats off to you Mr. Stewart!

This clip did it for me (direct link)
Safari users can copy this link and then go to the Download manager (Alt+Apple+L) and paste it in directly, it'll start downloading. Its only about 12MB.

There's a bunch more funny/good stuff here

I feel that Daily Show pretty much sums up my points of view too..