Thursday, June 08, 2006

Nokia N80 Bluetooth Transfer Limit Workaround

There is a cronic problem with the Nokia N80 and MacOS X (even the latest, as of today).

If you send a file from the Nokia N80 to your Mac, it will block at 263.xx kb. You can do a google search and see this elsewhere as well.

I have gone to the Nokia forums, and no work around is available, and they squarely blame Apple.

Well, I found a workaround to be able to get your files off your N80 via bluetooth and not have to use the USB cable.

Simply go to the bluetooth menu item, and select "Browse Device..."

The rest is a walk in the park. You will see a C: and E: drive (C is the handset, E is the memory card). You can upload, download, and delete any file. And yes, you can download any file as big as you want from the phone.

Also, strangely enough, if you have a Bluetooth 2 device on your Mac, it will go the FULL SPEED when transfering and not at about 11-12kb/s as when you try and send via your N80 directly to your Mac. Maybe that is the problem? Bluetooth1/2 incompatibilities?

Hopefully the "normal" tranfer mode will be fixed soon,


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