Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The iPhone is a late beta

Things that don't fly with the iPhone.

I'm coming from a solid experience of mobile phone use which has been almost totally Nokia based. My latest phones were the 6600 smart phone and the great N80 . I consider myself a power user with these Symbian based phones and made use of as much as possible with them.

Without further ado, I list what I find is lacking with the iPhone:

  1. No place to put a strap. While 90% of the general population doesn't use one, I found it very useful to have even a small strap to make it easy to fetch out a phone in a pocket or just to put around a couple fingers while calling so you ensure that it doesn't slip (or even get stolen)
  2. Slippery. The little bastard is slippery if have even slightly sweaty hands. Not good when you're in a disco or its summer or you do sports.
  3. The headphone port/jack: It's SO recessed that you can't fit a majority of headphones. I have a pair of $400 e4C Shure in-ear headphones that.. I can't use. The blood boils.
  4. Apple headphones are horrible in the ears. After 20 minutes they hurt. Gotten too jaded with the Shures :-/
  5. 4GB of internal storage is quite a lot. But still the fact of not having removable kinda bothers me (ability to do a full backup and store it at home for example)
  6. The touch screen. Its fantastic. But the jaded California designers forgot something pretty fucking blatant: People wear gloves in winter. The touch screen works only with contact of human skin. Even a fingernail mostly doesn't activate stuff. How in bloody hell am I going to simply ANSWER A PHONE call when its -10 outside and I have gloves on?


  1. No copy/cut & paste
  2. Bluetooth: Absolutely worthless, you can ONLY use a hands free bluetooth adapter. No file transfer, sync, fax, modem connectivity.
  3. Language support: Only English dictionary/interface for now. I want to see how easy it will be to switch language dictionaries when typing SMSs. I constantly switch between Italian, English, and French every day.
  4. Volume: the sounds are SO low. And you can't change the alert sound for SMSs. I always miss them unless I'm listening to the iPod, then there is a momentary interruption and I know something just happened.
  5. Vibrate: Not terribly powerful.
  6. No ability to use in disk mode
  7. No (official) 3rd party software support. It's been hacked to hell, get with the program, make it official already.
  8. Re 3rd party support: Perian for iPhone anyone? XViD/DiVX playback? It was done for the AppleTV, could be done for the iPhone, n'est ce pas?
  1. You can't create sub folders and save individual SMSs. I used to have at least a couple folders where I would keep certain messages. Whether they were personal, funny, directions, or whatever. It was pretty basic.
  2. There is no "message confirmation" function. In all my Nokias you could turn on the function of having delivery reports to ensure that SMSs arrived to destination. This is a fundamental function to have when you're roaming in strange countries where you're not quite sure if your Mobile Operator has an agreement with, say, Borneo Telecom rather than Orangutan Mobile. I had that often  where SMSs would go through with one operator but not another while roaming in said strange faraway places. This could be addressed simply by, for example, the message bubble becoming green when its confirmed and remaining greyed out until it is so. I'm not sure if that's the case already, but it would mean that confirmations come through extremely quickly and with the Nokias I had it would take at least 2-10 seconds for a reply.
  3. No MMS functionality. The workaround of using email to send pictures to mobile numbers (e.g. or is unknown to 99% of the population and just a pain in the ass. I don't send many but there are times where you just have to send one.. or receive one (theres nothing like getting pictures from a drunk friend from a party somewhere faraway)
  4. Why can't you turn OFF the auto-correct function?

  1. You call that an ALARM?? You mean to remind me of a meeting with a small, puny little "bleep"? Are you fucking kidding me? I want to be REMINDED and I want you to keep yealling at me until you got my attention and shut you the hell up. I don't want to hear a semi silent electronic fart! Get with it!!

  1. Why no basic photo editing features? You got a touch screen, let us use it! Ability to use your finger to draw on a picture or even crop it, brighten, colorize, add effects, etc etc. All things that Sony Ericssons and Nokias, Samsungs, etc have had for a long time. I could see this happen relatively soon.
  2. I was really expecting to see a Mobile Photobooth function. i.e. distort, warhol effect, pinch, etc etc. They're absolutely hilarious. This was an obvious miss
  3. Not sure where to put this complaint (I guess I'll refer to it later), but when you receive an email with an image attachment, WHY can't we save it into our photo gallery? Or even when we browse the web with safari, why can't we save images from the web to our gallery?
  4. No uploading to a photo site/blog of our choice (Picasa, Flikr, not even .Mac?)

  1. No zoom. Digital zoom sucks, but let us choose to take sucky pics or not, mmkay?
  2. No resolution prefs
  3. No presets (night, sports, etc..)
  4. Where in bloody hell is MOVIE function? Come on, even the first mobile phones with cameras (4-5 years ago) had movie taking abilities.

  1. Too bad I can't log into my account and save to favorites or whatnot.

  1. No foreign stock exchanges supported (come on already, wheres the Euronext, CAC, TSE, etc?)

  1. Given that Bluetooth is so crippled it might as well be taken out, the idea of an external Bluetooth GPS is not possible (for now).
  2. If GPS were to work it would be nice to be able to CACHE a route or a map. I might not always have net or edge access and I want to be able to look at my map without net access.
  3. Why can't I keep a screenshot in a contact's address book entry? Embedded, so I can see offline as well.
  4. You have Streets you have Maps.. why can't I have the two? i.e. street names overlaid satellite maps?

  1. Why does it forget the last update and HAS to get the latest update? I find that after a few hours or end of the day I check it out and its reset itself. It wont remember the temperatures it last got.

  1. Probably a glitch, but after the second time you press Snooze it won't snooze again. So.. like.. get up already.

  1. No complaints, but why not have an 'advanced' calculator if you want? I personally could care less, but you have a fantastic display, you could go all the way and even put a graphing calculator.

  1. No complaints except.. how the hell do you back them up? Ah, right.. you don't. If you lose your iPhone or you have to restore it.. good bye notes!
  2. The fact of not having cut & paste sucks too.
  3. Why no horizontal keyboard entry? The keyboard is frustrating for typing long messages, please make our lives easier by being able to have more space while entering stuff in the Notes

  • Sounds:
  1. Ringtones: You want us to PAY to be able to add ring tones? Are you fucking serious? Then again it explains why the ones that were included as default are so damn horrible.
  2. The 'alert' sound for SMSs is WEAK. I have some that I made or found that really get your attention. Why can't I choose my own?
  • Bluetooth:
  1. As said before, it's TOTALLY useless. Only hand's free support for now

  1. Contacts: The "auto number formatting" is KILLING me. For the love of god let me enter a number normally without parentheses and spaces, etc. Its just.. wrong!
  2. Contacts: I can add beautiful 256x256 pixel pictures for my contacts, why can't they appear, full screen, when they call instead of a measly 32x32 image that I have to squint at? Let me choose! Gimme the choice! It bothered the hell out of me with Nokias, I was hoping the iPhone would let me.

  1. Why can I not save emails that I choose in an offline folder? Hell, why can't I make folders in the first place? Where maybe I can save a particularly large email?
  2. Why can't I save ANY attachments? Nor listen to an attached MP3, WAV, MOV, MP4, or whatever?
  3. Its just a matter of time, but, hello "Office" support anyone? iPhone is based on MacOS X, the lowly Textedit in MacOS X has pretty decent .DOC support.. chop chop, lets go!
  4. Why can't I type horizontally so I have more keyboard/finger space?

  1. Some sites have trouble with cookies and safari. Not sure whose problem that is, but its happened a few times
  2. Why can't I save files? Sometimes I don't even care if I can open them, I just want to be able to save stuff (a ZIP file, RAR, .EXE or DMG or whatever)
  3. Why no ability to "save file as.." or "save linked file as..."
  4. Flash support. Hello there, this is the 21st century, just about every site has flash. Get with it (fair enough, this could be am Adobe problem, not Apple's)

  1. No complaints here.  (wow!)


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